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On US foreign policy

This post raised a question I have thought about myself: how do non-interventionists/isolationists propose to institute such policy?  The United States is, at least currently, in the unenviable position of being the world’s sole financial and military superpower.  The rest of the world looks to the US to lead while simultaneously awaiting overreach so it can be seen as a bully and a meddler.  Should it never intervene in any situation?   Continue reading On US foreign policy

Why, Paul Ryan, why?

I haven’t finished going through all the analysis yet, but I think this is a bad move…for Ryan.  Not to the same extent as McCain with Palin, but Ryan may lose some credibility for throwing in with Romney, who he surely must realize has a poor shot of winning anyway. And he already has an important post for which he should be working to secure by keeping his Congressional seat. So again: why?