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Girls don’t ask

I am not what most people would think of as stereotypically girly.  I think fashion is stupid.  I think designer shoes are especially stupid, as not only will they give you bunions and other foot ailments, everyone stuck walking behind you as you teeter along can’t help but think of ways to exterminate you and your kind (I’ve heard “these are actually really comfortable” and “just shove some gel soles in them and you can practically run” and it’s all lies). Continue reading Girls don’t ask

On the suspension of disbelief

I was recently watching an episode of Nikita (the spy show based on the Luc Besson film and TV show based on the film, La Femme Nikita, that ran on the CW network from 2010 to 2013).  The season 2 episode, “Clawback,” starts off with a Division (a secret government-funded assassin program) agent killing a scientist of Brightling Pharmaceuticals and making it look like a heart attack.  The mission complete, the head of Division places a phone call to a mystery man (later exposited to be a former Chairman of the SEC who now works in the private sector), who immediately makes another call, saying, “Sell Brightling.  All of it.”  Later in the episode, Nikita’s resident computer genius sends an e-mail to Nikita, the rogue agent investigating the death:

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Equal Pay for Less Work

I had brunch yesterday with some friends: D, C and C’s boyfriend CB.  There was much of talk of work and careers [and a little about movies], and C told us about a friend of hers who has been working in publishing for a number of years, the last 5 of which have been part-time so she could be home part-time with her 3 children.  She and her company have been discussing her possibly returning to full-time, their offer to her being a new title but with a salary only slightly higher than what would be commensurate with her current level.  Her friend didn’t feel the salary was high enough so her company is now looking outside to fill the full-time role, offering a higher salary than what they were willing to pay her.   Continue reading Equal Pay for Less Work

That’s where I’m a Viking

I have a bizarre tendency that my friends marvel at: I fall asleep just about anywhere [sadly, this does not extend to planes, the one place it really would come in handy].  But I drop off, infant-like, in cars in mere seconds.  I have fallen asleep at parties, raucous comedy shows, even concerts while standing in general admission [sorry, ex, but Polvo is just noise].  The subway is another place I can sneak a light nap and still manage to wake up before my stop.  I have missed my stop more times due to being absorbed in a book than I have from being asleep.  Last night, I was stand-sleeping alone on the subway as I have done countless times over the years [even when I was dating someone, I usually ended the night earlier than he did and would head home first] when for the first time, I was offered a seat.  The cliché of “work hard/play hard” particularly among 20-something analysts and bankers is one I have become familiar with in the last two weeks while my boss has been on vacation and I have been the sole trader on the desk.  But I am no 20-something and last night I must have looked even more exhausted than I felt.  In fact, not one but two people offered me their seat as I leaned against the door with my eyes closed, music in my headphones.  But I demurred; I had consumed only a few beers over the course of several hours and several courses of dinner.  Once at my stop, I made my way aboveground and walked home fully alert, already thinking about going back to sleep, but supine this time.

Standing on the chips on the shoulders of female giants

A friend recently asked me in response to a previous post: “what do ovaries have to do with orders”?  This, right around International Women’s Day, made me think of the gender wage gap, an issue brought up often and passionately, and one that does not have a single simple cause or solution.

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On the “being a woman in finance” meme

I have worked at a few finance shops since I graduated in a down market in 2002.  I started out as a receptionist at an insurance underwriting firm and after a year or so was given the option of becoming the office manager or an underwriter.  I chose the latter, which was certainly of more interest to me than ordering supplies and overseeing admins, though the versatility and earning power of underwriters is debatable when compared to that of office managers.  A few years later, when I gave notice at my third job, my highest ranking boss was upset not because I was leaving but because he was planning on leaving soon as well and wanted to take me with him to be his office manager.

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