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I can’t believe I used to date you

When my ex and I had the “going on a break” talk, he told me that he felt that all we talked about any more was cats.  He said it rather matter-of-factly, almost sadly, without any sort of malicious tone.  It was possibly the most hurtful thing anyone had ever said to me.

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On the “being a woman in finance” meme

I have worked at a few finance shops since I graduated in a down market in 2002.  I started out as a receptionist at an insurance underwriting firm and after a year or so was given the option of becoming the office manager or an underwriter.  I chose the latter, which was certainly of more interest to me than ordering supplies and overseeing admins, though the versatility and earning power of underwriters is debatable when compared to that of office managers.  A few years later, when I gave notice at my third job, my highest ranking boss was upset not because I was leaving but because he was planning on leaving soon as well and wanted to take me with him to be his office manager.

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