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On election hyperbole

A wee taste of reactions from both sides to two men who are not all that different:

“I can not tell you how deeply saddened I am by Obama’s re-election it’s just as bad as finding out you have cancer and I know you can relate to that. We are going to be in so much debt by 2016 this country will not be able to be restored”

“50.3% of the voting public showing some sensibility – huzzah”

“thank heavens.”

I will miss you”

“Hooray! Things went the right way!”

“I am watching FOX purely out of schadenfraude.”

“Champagne toasts and celebratory screaming, even more than usual”

“I’ve never cried over an election.”

“I’m crying because we’re stupid enough to re-elect this small pathetic man.”

“Voting took me about 10 minutes, because I don’t live in a swing state with a republican governor.”

“Tomorrow I leave for Europe. It’s up to American voters to decide if they want me to come back.”

“Some Democrats would move out of the US if Romney is elected. What’s the GOP version if Obama is elected? Threaten to shoot an immigrant?”

“i am very glad that a majority of america thinks i’m a person. thanks everyone.  I apologize to all my GOP-leaning friends but thank fucking God I and my sister are realized as people.”

“Romney headquarters full of aryan nation looking types and a couple of fair skinned brunettes”

On Hurricane Sandy – feigning normalcy

Last Thursday morning, I took a bus from Jay Street in Brooklyn to 55th and Lexington in Manhattan. We drove through desolate lower Manhattan. Power has still not been restored there. The shelter where I volunteer on 1st Ave and 9th hasn’t had power for over a week.

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On US foreign policy

This post raised a question I have thought about myself: how do non-interventionists/isolationists propose to institute such policy?  The United States is, at least currently, in the unenviable position of being the world’s sole financial and military superpower.  The rest of the world looks to the US to lead while simultaneously awaiting overreach so it can be seen as a bully and a meddler.  Should it never intervene in any situation?   Continue reading On US foreign policy