How some Europeans think Americans see Europa


I received this from a friend who received it from a Danish research engineer.  My thoughts:
1. “Basks”?
2. Have Danes actually met Americans who care about hockey?  I personally only know maybe 2 people who follow hockey during the regular season, not just when their home team is in the playoffs.  How many Americans do they think know who Jaromir Jagr is, let alone that he is Czech?  Also, there are and have been some outstanding Finnish hockey players.  Esa Tikkanen and Teemu Selänne, anyone?  Just saying.
3.  “Basks”??

Why, Paul Ryan, why?

I haven’t finished going through all the analysis yet, but I think this is a bad move…for Ryan.  Not to the same extent as McCain with Palin, but Ryan may lose some credibility for throwing in with Romney, who he surely must realize has a poor shot of winning anyway. And he already has an important post for which he should be working to secure by keeping his Congressional seat. So again: why?




Branford Marsalis On Sensitive Musicians And The First Family Of Jazz

Some choice quotes:

“It’s our job to know what we’re playing; it’s the audience’s job to feel what we’re playing. And if they have to know what you’re playing to appreciate it, you fail.”

“When they talked about Coltrane or they talked about Miles, they talked about how the music made them feel. They never once talked about a specific chord structure that they thought was great.”