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White Liberal Saviors

Dear privilege-checking white people: please leave me out of your self-flagellation exercises.

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Girls don’t ask

I am not what most people would think of as stereotypically girly.  I think fashion is stupid.  I think designer shoes are especially stupid, as not only will they give you bunions and other foot ailments, everyone stuck walking behind you as you teeter along can’t help but think of ways to exterminate you and your kind (I’ve heard “these are actually really comfortable” and “just shove some gel soles in them and you can practically run” and it’s all lies). Continue reading Girls don’t ask

Equal Pay for Less Work

I had brunch yesterday with some friends: D, C and C’s boyfriend CB.  There was much of talk of work and careers [and a little about movies], and C told us about a friend of hers who has been working in publishing for a number of years, the last 5 of which have been part-time so she could be home part-time with her 3 children.  She and her company have been discussing her possibly returning to full-time, their offer to her being a new title but with a salary only slightly higher than what would be commensurate with her current level.  Her friend didn’t feel the salary was high enough so her company is now looking outside to fill the full-time role, offering a higher salary than what they were willing to pay her.   Continue reading Equal Pay for Less Work

On “Office Housework”

I really wish I’d read this or this before going to my last therapy session.

For the past month or so, I’ve been having trouble sleeping.  I’m someone who can sleep just about anywhere [except, rather inconveniently on planes — I think it’s something about the recycled air].  I am rarely troubled by insomnia.  But for a week in January, I was experiencing very fitful sleep.  I tried going to bed earlier and earlier but still found myself getting up later and later and being exhausted all day.  I would wince every time I heard a new notification on my phone until I was about as conditioned as a future serial killer’s pet.

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Common Courtesy in the Age of Entitlement

Last night, all residents in my building received the following via e-mail from management:


To:             All Residents

From:         Manager

Re:              Concierge SHUT-DOWN

Date:          December 10, 2014

Dear Residents:

 This evening one of our security guards at the concierge desk was physically threatened and verbally abused by a resident. As a result of this incident the Concierge office will be closed for the remainder of this evening effective immediately.

The Board and Management implemented extended concierge hours as an extended courtesy to all residents. The incident that occurred this evening will NOT be tolerated. The Board and Management will be working together to further evaluate this evenings incident and how residents deal with the staff.

The Board and Management apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this may have caused to other residents who were anticipating a package pickup.

Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

…and then it hit the forum:

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Child-free flights? Maybe just parent-free

After visiting Mexico for the first time and having a wonderful time in beautiful Tulum, it was time to return to reality.  So on Sunday, I checked into my United flight from Cancun bound for Newark.  I was a little hungover from the wedding the night before, tired and generally bitter about having to leave Tulum and return to work.  Why would I I have expected to have a smooth and pleasant journey home?

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Help Rewrite the Rules for Dating on WFMU Tonight at 7pm

Andrea Silenzi has a new live show tonight and wants help rewriting the rules for dating!  Give her a call at 201-209-9368 or tweet @andreasilenzi.

For your consideration:

  1. Meeting people.
  2. Pre-date communication.
  3. The “Wait 3 Days Rule.”
  4. The first date — the beginning.
  5. Paying.
  6. The first date — the end.
  7. Early relationship.
  8. Meeting friends/family.

My thoughts:

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What the Hell

A few weeks ago, I recorded an interview with a friend at WFMU, and it just aired yesterday.  So check out the link below to hear me say some things on the radio I mistakenly assumed would be edited out.

Why Oh Why? with Andrea Silenzi on WFMU – January 1, 2014 “What the Hell”

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On Ethnic Pride (or lack thereof)

Our flight from Newark to London went off without a hitch. It took off a few minutes late but made up for it in the air. There were a couple crying babies as usual, but nothing out of the ordinary. Then after a 2.5-hour layover in Heathrow, we were back on a plane.

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