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Reach Out and Touch Faith

I have been a huge fan of Depeche Mode’s since my older sister introduced me to Violator nigh on a quarter-century ago (truly, I owe her much for also exposing me to Led Zeppelin, Pixies, Alice in Chains, just to name a few others).  So when we discovered they were touring to promote their new album, Delta Machine, my sister and I found pre-sale codes and pulled ourselves away from office tasks one weekday morning to have a conference call, simultaneously working to secure the best seats we could find as soon as tickets went on sale.  $150 apiece and several months later, we had beautiful sightlines stage right at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn just a few days before my sister’s birthday.   Continue reading Reach Out and Touch Faith

On Spark Theory — Cheaters Edition

I never knew that our romance had ended until you poisoned my food
And I thought it was a lark when you kicked me in the park but now I think it was rude
I never knew that you and I were finished until that bottle hit my head
Though I tried to be aloof when you pushed me off the roof, I feel our romance is dead

– “Say That We’re Sweethearts Again” by Earl K. Brent

At this point, it’s so cliché, we all know the words:

__ had been having an affair with a young 20-something.  __ said he just didn’t feel The Spark any more.

(where “The Spark” = “like he was getting as much attention as he used to, and resented the implication that he had to work at the relationship because it turns out it wasn’t all about him and his needs alone”)

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On Spark Theory — Ex Edition

I want a girl who will laugh for no one else
When I’m away she puts her makeup on the shelf
When I’m away she never leaves the house
I want a girl who laughs for no one else

– “No One Else” by Weezer

“The Spark” and “connection” are two of the most common terms used when discussing dating and relationships. [They also remind me of this terrible early episode of Angel — Joss had no script credit and the music is especially offensive].   Continue reading On Spark Theory — Ex Edition

Collective Soulcat

Despite my abiding love for such bands as Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, I have a mental block regarding most lower tier ’90s bands, which I cannot keep straight.  Sure, I know “Low” is by Cracker, “Hey Man, Nice Shot” is by Filter and “Sex and Candy” is by Marcy Playground.  But for the most part, I have a tough time telling any of these bands and their ilk apart: Better Than Ezra, Candlebox, Collective Soul, Dishwalla, Everclear, Nickelback, Our Lady Peace, Silverchair, The Verve, The Verve Pipe, plus the bands that have numbers in their names, like Eve 6, Seven Mary Three, 311 and Third Eye Blind.  The likes of Creed, The Goo Goo Dolls,  and Matchbox 20 I can only tell apart due to their distinctive hyperearnest singers.  Earlier in the year, I was in the car with some friends listening to the ’90s alternative rock station on Pandora and I finally decided that from then on, any ’90s song I know but can’t name the band, I was just going to guess Collective Soul.

Hopefully, this will at least help me keep one song straight:

Branford Marsalis On Sensitive Musicians And The First Family Of Jazz

Some choice quotes:

“It’s our job to know what we’re playing; it’s the audience’s job to feel what we’re playing. And if they have to know what you’re playing to appreciate it, you fail.”

“When they talked about Coltrane or they talked about Miles, they talked about how the music made them feel. They never once talked about a specific chord structure that they thought was great.”