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Oregon/Washington – June 2015

The Portland area is currently experiencing a heat wave.   A few days of high 90s up to 100 has only slightly tempered my love affair with the Pacific Northwest.

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On Spark Theory — Arranged Marriage Edition

I have always liked the sound of the phrase “a marriage has been arranged”…I prefer the idea of arrangement to that other statement that marriages are made in Heaven. — Flora Poste, Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

Spark Theory [which posits that relationships without The Spark of enough Spark are doomed] completely ignores arranged marriages, which are often strong and lasting relationships, albeit less common these days.  My parents knew each other for under a week before wedding and have been married for 38 years, most of them happy.

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Chennai via Dubai – January 2012

For possibly the first time, I actually enjoyed myself when traveling to India this past January.  Perhaps because we were finally back in Madras, where my father had grown up, after years of going to Bombay, where the language, cuisine and customs were unfamiliar to me, my father and my sister.

And now my sister and I were adults as well.  My father took the opportunity to show us the campus where he attended undergrad, even his dorm, which we finally found after following many conflicting directions.  The food was incredible and Madras filter coffee is hands-down the best coffee I’ve ever had anywhere.  It’s still hot and uncomfortable and I got eaten alive by mosquitos, but I can’t remember another time I have wanted to remain longer for any reason other than for the family I see so rarely.

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