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On Spark Theory — Cheaters Edition

I never knew that our romance had ended until you poisoned my food
And I thought it was a lark when you kicked me in the park but now I think it was rude
I never knew that you and I were finished until that bottle hit my head
Though I tried to be aloof when you pushed me off the roof, I feel our romance is dead

– “Say That We’re Sweethearts Again” by Earl K. Brent

At this point, it’s so cliché, we all know the words:

__ had been having an affair with a young 20-something.  __ said he just didn’t feel The Spark any more.

(where “The Spark” = “like he was getting as much attention as he used to, and resented the implication that he had to work at the relationship because it turns out it wasn’t all about him and his needs alone”)

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