Another Edition of My Neighbors Are The Worst

Residents’ Google Groups:

Subject:  Volleyball Wednesday nights


Dear Neighbors,
Please let me know, if you are ready to start playing Volleyball again.
The gym was dark and empty last Wednesday.
Will you attend the board meeting or are you available to play?
Hope to see you soon


My wife and I are interested. Where can we get all of the details?


Please no beginners!
Otherwise we ask you to start a new group.
Thank you.


All due respect Caroline, it’s always been an open game for all levels. If you’re looking to start more of a league, I’d suggest setting that up separately.


With all due respect, Lawrence, do you actually know how to play Volleyball? A beginner will need training and we are not starting anything, we are a nice group and are playing together for years already and for fun.
So come, join us, if you know, what you are doing.


I do, and I used to go on Wednesdays back in 2010/11/12 but quite honestly the games starting getting more competitive than I felt like being with my neighbors.

Volleyball basics aren’t that complicated and to make a flat out statement of exclusion for beginners isn’t very neighborly.


Wow. This thread just took a turn to shitville. Have fun folks.

 For fuck’s sake, how much experience does one need beyond watching the intro to Daria?



The beach volleyball scene in She’s All That (RIP Paul Walker)?  Summer seasons of Beverly Hills 90210?


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