That’s where I’m a Viking

I have a bizarre tendency that my friends marvel at: I fall asleep just about anywhere [sadly, this does not extend to planes, the one place it really would come in handy].  But I drop off, infant-like, in cars in mere seconds.  I have fallen asleep at parties, raucous comedy shows, even concerts while standing in general admission [sorry, ex, but Polvo is just noise].  The subway is another place I can sneak a light nap and still manage to wake up before my stop.  I have missed my stop more times due to being absorbed in a book than I have from being asleep.  Last night, I was stand-sleeping alone on the subway as I have done countless times over the years [even when I was dating someone, I usually ended the night earlier than he did and would head home first] when for the first time, I was offered a seat.  The cliché of “work hard/play hard” particularly among 20-something analysts and bankers is one I have become familiar with in the last two weeks while my boss has been on vacation and I have been the sole trader on the desk.  But I am no 20-something and last night I must have looked even more exhausted than I felt.  In fact, not one but two people offered me their seat as I leaned against the door with my eyes closed, music in my headphones.  But I demurred; I had consumed only a few beers over the course of several hours and several courses of dinner.  Once at my stop, I made my way aboveground and walked home fully alert, already thinking about going back to sleep, but supine this time.


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