I can’t believe I used to date you

When my ex and I had the “going on a break” talk, he told me that he felt that all we talked about any more was cats.  He said it rather matter-of-factly, almost sadly, without any sort of malicious tone.  It was possibly the most hurtful thing anyone had ever said to me.

He IM’d me yesterday to tell me about this awful-sounding magazine his main client was co-editing [“ORIGIN Magazine is a platform for: Yoga, Art, Culture, Conscious Lifestyle, Humanitarianism and Sustainability”], on whose current cover was an actor appearing on one of my favorite shows [The Vampire Diaries — I know it’s on The CW, but it’s legitimately good].  From there we briefly touched on a friend of mine/my sister’s, who recently spoke to Planet Money for a podcast that discussed the model for her new digital magazine, Maura Magazine, as well as for Andrew Sullivan’s blog.  Maura Magazine is currently only available via iTunes, which made me think of the recent shareholder suit brought against Apple by David Einhorn.

[gchat edited slightly to improve readability]

11:37 AM me: You’re still long AAPL, yes?

11:39 AM ex: yeah

i’ve been way too busy to follow any current stuff

what the deal with this suit

11:41 AM me: Einhorn pro preferred stock; AAPL anti-preferred stock

but there was a provision in the proxy that would have made it hard to issue pfd

ex: i guess i don’t really know enough about the issue to say which is my own preference!

11:46 AM me: Well, you know how AAPL has a load of cash and issued a dividend for the first time only recently?

pfd shares would send money back to shareholders like a dividend, but regularly, without the company having to declare a dividend at their discretion


11:50 AM ex: yes i see, a bit

11:53 AM me: You don’t really care, do you?

11:54 AM ex: not quite so much

my brain is also sort of just full of all the crud i’ve been up to

doesn’t really have room for much else right now

me: You’ve never been curious about the financial workings

It’s fine

ex: but i do thank you for the explanation

yar, it doesn’t grab me so much

11:55 AM me: It just has such a huge impact on everything

11:56 AM ex: many things have a huge impact on everything

knowing about electricity, for instance

without electricity, we’d all be fucked

and while i find it interesting in a large scale concept

the minutiae of it don’t really hold my interest enough to make me learn all about it

but that’s ok, there are people who are excited to know about it

everybody does their part of stuff they learn about

11:58 AM me: Really? You’re comparing electricity to the sometimes largest public company in the world?

How about oxygen?

Or air?

Dust? http://www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2013/02/rain-clouds

12:00 PM ex: sure

they’re all immensely important to the world

they all have a huge impact

neat dust article

2:05 PM me: How is your cat doing?

2:07 PM ex: fine, she’s here now

Later in the afternoon, The Wall Street Journal‘s Deal Journal blog posted about a Dell shareholder who had sent a letter to the Board criticizing the private equity buy-out and referring to Einhorn’s preferred share proposal as a better way to return cash to Dell’s shareholders.

It’s exactly like electricity.  How could I have not noticed that before?  Must be all the cats I’m constantly thinking about.


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