On wish lists

My colleague shared this story with me recently:

When she was a freshman in college, she sent home a Christmas letter addressed “Dear Santa” and #1 on the list was “Money for alcohol (Colt 45).”  Santa’s response, which her roommate posted on the wall, thus christening the Wall of Shame: “Better luck next year.”

Funds for beer were of paramount concern while in college, until it came time upon graduation to find a job, which would also mainly serve to fund rent and bar tabs.

This is my wish list this year:

  • Refinance condo to offset property tax increases
  • Lower property taxes
  • Repairs due to Hurricane Sandy to remain within condo association budget so my maintenance fees don’t increase too much
  • Money and time to install shelves in the linen closet
  • Money and time to replace ceiling tiles in kitchen
  • New computer [purchased first non-Apple computer = big step]
  • Tablet
  • A pony
  • Benefactor who will cover pony housing and care

It’s amazing what 10 years will do.


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