On judgment

I did not entirely approve of my friend’s plan to get breast implants. They originally were her husband’s idea, so I didn’t want her to get them just because he wanted them.  Feminism and stuff!

Still, I think I generally have viewed cosmetic surgery negatively except in cases of reconstruction.  But that is not entirely fair.  I’ve never been opposed to tattoos in general and recently got my first [I plan to get more], much to my boss’s [and his wife’s] chagrin.  What is the difference between a boob or nose job and some ink?   Both cosmetic surgery and tattoos can be addictive.  Both have become relatively mainstream and socially acceptable [except in certain fields like finance, so I won’t be getting any more on either arm].  And while cosmetic surgery used to be seen mainly among females and tattoos among males, there are more men getting work done or even just Botox, and it’s quite common to see women with tattoos [and not just of  the tramp stamp or heart or flower at age 18 variety].  There is still stigma with both:  cosmetic surgery is often viewed as vain and/or misogynistic, particularly with breast implants or with older women having work done to look younger. And tattoos, aside from being considered unprofessional in certain fields, are often seen as a lame attempt to appear “hardcore” or trendy or some [like my boss’s wife] just are against the idea of intentional indelible etchings on one’s body.  I’ve seen both cosmetic surgery and tattoos gone horribly awry [poorly done or just plumb ugly or stupid].

But I also judge people for spending $1,000 on a pair of shoes.  So in one magnanimous swoop, I aim to judge no longer.  Spend what you will on a new pair of shoes or boobs that you can flaunt, while I’ll throw a sum at artists to festoon parts of my body that will mostly remain unseen.


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