On Romney

I haven’t written very much about the election so far, mainly because I don’t really care as I probably won’t vote anyway.  But I was in the elevator of my office building this morning when I overheard an interesting interaction between two men.


  • Me: youngish female minority [i.e., non-white]
  • WMA: White male American, somewhere between 40-60 [conjecture regarding age based on reflection in warped elevator doors]
  • AM: Asian male [my guess is Japanese, but conjecture regarding ethnicity is based on partially obstructed reflection in warped elevator doors and accent]
  • 2 other guys: Did not contribute to conversation, and again, due to viewing only reflections, my guess is subcontinental, but not sure where

This conversation was only an express elevator ride to the 32nd floor’s length, but AM just launched right into it before the doors even closed.

AM: [in heavily accented English] Last time you said you were voting for Romney though you are Democrat?

WMA: [chuckles] Yes, that’s right.

Me: [observes all wearing suits and ties and that the button for Floor 42 is lit — this means destination: Bain Capital.  No, I did not see this the other day as I am tied to the desk from 9.30am – 4pm]

WMA: Well, Romney is a friend of mine, so even though I’m a Democrat, I’m going to vote for him.

AM: Does that bother your fellow Democrats?

WMA: Sure, some of them gave me a hard time about it.  But they’ll come and go and Romney will still be a friend, so I’m happy to support him in this even though I normally vote the other way.

AM: What do you think are his chances?  50/50?

WMA: It should be very close.

Me: [grudgingly leaves elevator — I was missing 10 floors of conversation!]

I thought this was an interesting exchange for several reasons:

  • Substantiates idea of global interest in the election
  • Disproves the notion that older affluent white men vote Republican without fail
  • Did AM know that youngish female minorities tend to vote Democrat?  Or did he not notice I was there?
  • I have read of the attempts to humanize Romney at the RNC, and he is on the robotic side, but this did it a little for me.  Not enough to vote for him, but still
  • Why would this guy even speak openly about voting for Romney?  Maybe his Democratic pals are more charitable than some people I run with
  • Does he really think it’s that close?  I don’t think Romney has a remote chance of winning.  There may be people out there who loathe Obama, and some who used to love him but are lukewarm now, but there are at least others who still love him.  Before WMA, I had not heard of anyone who loved Romney.  Plenty of loathing, some who would grudgingly vote for him, but no one who fervently believes in him.  Even WMA doesn’t actually like his policies!

Anyway, it was quite a way to start the day.


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