Whirlwind New England tour

Because I have some amazing friends, I managed to hit CT and RI in one hectic weekend.  You know the week after you return from vacation?  Imagine that plus your team has recently been reduced by 25% and you’re somehow still the only person who knows how to use PowerPoint.  2+ hours after the market closes, I am finally on a MNR train to New Haven and the only person in sight reading a bona fide library book I had just picked up earlier that day.  The week was finally improving.  

Highlights from the weekend include:

Gas virgin no more
  • My favorite Eli, who bestowed upon me the honor of being the person who has visited him the most in the 5 years he has been in New Haven
  • Reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen in close to a year

    Thanks, G!
  • Drinking Rogue Dead Guy Ale and hearing The Dismemberment Plan at Rudy’s in New Haven
  • Learning about the personal drama of a group of psychology grad students in their mid-twenties
  • Pumping gas for the first time
  • The Second Chance of Westerly
  • Meeting an adorable drooly baby with freakishly long eyelashes, an enchanting disposition and a fascination with my hair
  • Breakfast

    Tiny, tiny strawberry

Only disappointments:

  • I couldn’t stay longer in CT or RI
  • Sub-par faux Del’s — it didn’t even have lemon pieces

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